Undercover officers foil robbery

Knives and a gas gun have been confiscated from would-be robbers.
Five suspects were arrested this morning for attempted robbery in St Patrick Road, Seawinds.

Law enforcement officers in Muizenberg hatched a plan to catch the suspects after receiving numerous complaints of people being robbed on their way to work.

They decided to drive around the area posing as a taxi. The five men took the bait and attempted to board the taxi with the intention to rob the passengers.

Law enforcement spokesperson Wayne Dyason said: “One suspect approached the driver and gun-pointed him and the four others tried to enter the vehicle via the sliding door. To their surprise, they were greeted by the long arm of the law and promptly arrested by the law enforcement officers.”

The suspects were carrying knives and a gas gun which were confiscated.

They will appear in court soon.