Vlei’s history in colour

The Fairmount High School marching band took part in the parade.

The Princess Vlei Forum hosted its annual Flight of Dreams parade on Saturday September 15. It was a day of celebration at which old stories were told, there was dancing and singing and children paraded with their colourful creations. More than 150 children from several schools joined in on the festivities and for the past few months had been observing and learning about the birds of Princess Vlei, to help them make puppets and masks for the parade. The parade is a collaboration between the Princess Vlei Forum, The Peter Clarke Art Centre, the Jungle Theatre Company and eMzantsi Carnival. It is held each year to raise awareness of the rich bird life and other nature at Princess Vlei, and to give youngsters an opportunity to showcase their creative talents. The parade was followed by performances at Princess Vlei by the Jungle Theatre Company a performance by Lotus High pupils as well as Emile Jansen and Mixed mense.