Watch curbs crime together

The Avenue Street Watch team, are, standing, from left, Firdous Wickum, member, Boebie Solomon, spokesman, Chermaine Verster, marketing, Raeez Robeck, chairman, Valda Adams, vice secretary, Faried Adams, vice chairman Terry le Roux, member, and in front Clayton lex Roux.

Vigilance, visibility and trust were some of the measures implemented by Avenue Street Watch (ASW), in Grassy Park, to curb crime.

A year after they were established, they celebrated their success in keeping their streets crime-free, at a braai, in Daniel Crescent, on Saturday September 16.

Chairman Raeez Robeck said crime had notably decreased since ASW’s inception as “we owned the night” and protected their area. “Before we started ASW there were as many as four break-ins in one week from Daniel Crescent to Sixth Avenue,” he said, adding that ASW was not a neighbourhood watch,
but much more than a street

“We are like a big family who support each other as neighbours. We formed a few committees
such as a refreshment committee who will make us treats while we are patrolling and we also have a
marketing team, who will go around from door to door to find out
what people’s needs are regarding safety. The ASW also have a group chat through which they alert each other about crime in the street. “We have had a few raids and we have also limited elements from dealing with drugs at certain spots,” said Mr Robeck.

He added that they also network with the neighbourhood watches in their areas and communicate with each other using two-way radios. “We have stopped many trespassers, but we have never resorted to vio-
lence. All we focus on is being visible and we trust each other. Once
there was a complaint about someone being on a roof. We reacted immediately and the suspect ran away.” Vice-chairman Faried Adams, said the bonds among the members were strong. “I will give you one example, of how we support each other. I was in Cape Town, when our domestic worker told us there was a leak in a pipe in her bathroom, in the quarters at the back of our house. I told the guys on the chat. It took me some time to get home, but when I got there, the water leak was fixed.”

Michael le Roux, also said the ASW was vigilant and made an effort to fix their surroundings.

“When we see potholes or broken lights in the street or trees need to be trimmed we make sure we get it fixed.”

Mr Robeck said the ASW acknowledged their members for their
hard work. “We nominated the oldest member Barry Hopwood, 71, for an ‘exemplary role model award’ and gave him a framed certificate. Ward Councillor Patricia van der Ross was also invited to the celebration.