Watch out for fake Facebook sales

Police have warned people to be alert when attempting to buy items through Facebook after a man and his two friends were robbed at gunpoint when he responded to an advert about a Volkwagen car being sold in Manenberg.

Manolito Fisher, 23, from Lotus River, saw an advert on a page called Cars Under 20k, on Friday September 9.

He called the seller of the car for a viewing and was told to come to 102 Greatfish Avenue.

He and two friends drove to Manenberg and when he got to the address he called the “seller” again who then told him that he was at the wrong house and should go to 122 Greatfish Avenue.

“The man said that his father would be at his house waiting for us and that he was in a wheelchair.”

Mr Fisher said when they arrived at the house, two men walked to- wards the car and asked him and his friends what they were doing in the area.

“We told them that we were there to buy the car advertised on Facebook and they opened the door and said that they would show us where to go. I said but we are in front of the house and they don’t need to take us and then I felt something cold against my head and realised that it was a gun. He then told my friend who was driving to drive and asked me for the money. I said I don’t have the money on me but he persisted,” said Mr Fisher.

“I think he realised that I didn’t have it and gave up and that is when they robbed us,” he said.

The trio were robbed of R80 cash and their cellphones. They were forced to drive around in Manenberg and to then drop the robbers back in Greatfish Ave- nue.

“He told me ‘En nou kan jy ’* saak gaan maak’.”

Police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk said a 27-year-old man was arrested the following day and a 53-year-old man the next Monday, September 12.

The pair appeared in the Athlone Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday September 13, on a charge of possession of a gun and armed robbery.

Captain Ian Bennett, spokes-person for Manenberg police, said people must be more careful when buying items over the internet.

“They need to question the price if it is way too cheap and raises suspicion. Ask who the people are and check if they are credible and ask more than one person. Also ask questions about the car and check that it is regis- tered to the sellers name. Go around to the address and see if the car is there and if it is in a dodgy area, don’t go through with the sale. Also don’t go alone and be alert,” said Captain Bennett.