Watches reach out to leader

Lotus River Neighbourhood Watch members are pictured with Parkwood resident Eleanor Abrahams, chairperson of Sector 1, whose legs were amputated.

Lotus River Neighbourhood Watch members joined forces to collect groceries for Parkwood resident and Sector 1 chairperson, Eleanor Abrahams, 57, who had both her legs amputated within three months.

The neighbourhood watch members, who visited her on Saturday November 18, said they commended her for continuing her work in the community despite being in a wheelchair.

Riyaad Harris, chairperson of Duiker Avenue Neighbourhood Watch said: “Neighbourhood watch members such as Corolla, Duiker Avenue, Stephen Road, Klip Road and Alpha Golf, Nita and Buck-in were the few who decided to donate some groceries.”

Ms Abrahams, who is the former chairperson of Parkwood Neighbourhood Watch, stepped down this year to take on the position of chairperson of Sector 1 which includes Parkwood, Fairways, Goolers’ Estate, Klip Scheme and Kestrel Way.

Ms Abrahams said she thought, she had been “forgotten by the community, after her traumatic experience when one of her legs was amputated in September and the other one in November.

“The neighbourhood watch members gave me a surprise. I was so shocked, because at first I thought they had forgotten about me because nobody came to visit me. However, when they pitched up here, I burst out into tears.”

Ms Abrahams said she was still getting used to moving around in her wheelchair, but remained active. “I am still active as people still ask me for information and to help them,” she said.