Water will be delivered to seniors

Marita Petersen, ward councillor, Ward 68

In reference to the concerns of the elderly in last week’s Southern Mail (“Seniors’ water woes”, Southern Mail, January 31), I am meeting with Mandoline Place residents to speak about the water crisis.

Our old age home will have their water delivered to them.

Part of the plan is to distribute to our vulnerable as far as possible. No one
will have to pay for water.

The water distribution points have not yet been disclosed. All sites have been identified for vehicle use as well as persons on foot.

We are currently on 50 litres a person a day.

The City Law Enforcement is clamping down on illegal car washes and persons with illegal boreholes. This is being enforced through special operations.

Day Zero (Friday May 11) is only the
City’s contingency plan, if I may say, so to ensure we do have a plan should we all in Cape Town not play our part in saving

There will be a mass information session on Saturday February 10 in the banquet hall at the Cape Town civic centre with all neighbourhood watches, community police forums and ward committees and so on.