‘We are scared’

Shijaam Abels stands at the shop where her son was shot and killed on Friday November 15.

The Grassy Park Community Police Forum (CPF) has called on communities to help police rid the streets of guns.

The outcry comes after Shahied Abels,15, was killed in a shooting in Frank Road in Ottery at 9.15pm on Friday November 15.

Shahied’s devastated mother, Shijaam Abels, said she walked to the shop just around the corner from their home because he wanted a packet of chips and a “bompie” (an iced lolly).

“I went with him but the line was too long and my youngest child was at home so I had to go back home. It wasn’t long when I heard the shots go off and I screamed for him not knowing that he had already been shot,” said Ms Abels

“My son was an innocent boy who was still very child-like because he liked to laugh and play. He did not deserve to die like this,” she said.

The Grade 7 Stephen Road Primary School pupil was going to go to high school next year and was looking forward to the new year at the Mitchell’s Plain School of Skills.

“He failed twice but he did very well and passed this year and was going to go to my mother in Mitchell’s Plain to attend the school,” said Ms Abels.

A resident, who did not want to be named for fear of retaliation from gangsters, said gangsters came running by and started shooting several shots at people at the shop. 

“There was no cross-fire, it was one gang that came and shot here. We still don’t know why because there was peace for a long time and no shootings.

“Now we are too scared to send our children to the shop or be out of our homes at a certain time because we don’t know when the next shots will go off. People are also scared to say who the shooters are because they might be next,” she said.

Grassy Park police spokesperson, Captain Wynita Kleinsmith, said no arrests have been made and they do not have witness statements in the case yet but the case is being investigated.

Shahied’s grandmother Felecia Abels said they are leaving justice in God’s hands.

“It is very sad what happened to Shahied but we serve a living God and I believe God will undertake this case so we have nothing to worry about,” she said.

The CPF’s Philip Bam said the community is shattered by the killing of another child.

“We condemn this violence that is as a result of these guns that continue to pop up on our streets.

“The CPF encourages police to continue their sterling work, and calls upon the communities to assist the police in making our areas safer by divulging any information they may have about the whereabouts of guns and drugs,” Mr Bam said.

Anyone with information about the shooting can contact Detective Sergeant Hakiem Abrahams on 082 302 3776.

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