Wicht Court Association creates unity through love

First runner-up Laeeqah October, Jade De Bruin, crowned Miss Wicht Court and Ammarah Luck, second runner-up.

Valentine’s Day in Lavender Hill took on an even more special meaning when Wicht Court Association (WCA) members hosted a beauty pageant for the residents to create unity, love and laughter.

The event took place on Valentine’s Day, Sunday February 14, the day before the delayed 2021 school year started.

Adele Campbell, chairperson of the WCA said Valentine’s Day was “all about love and sharing”.

With Wicht Court having found itself in the middle of a gang war recently, she said, sponsors and members did not mind digging into their pockets to organise some fun for the residents.

And the fun took the form of a beauty pageant and creative dress competition for children and grannies.

“We would like to give a heartfelt thank to all our sponsors and a special to the tenants of Wicht Court for their assistance, especially the men,” she said.

“Our (people) in the flats have gone through a lot of gang wars and through this event we tried to bring togetherness and to set a great atmosphere for our future learners. Gang violence is rife and there are constant shootings on our doorsteps. Kids fear for their lives as they cannot play freely outside.

“The committee decided to bring each and every household together, especially our grannies. We never expected such a good turnout.”

We were amazed by the way the kids conducted themselves. They were calm and relaxed as the day was all about them.

“We built the stage from scratch and we got pallets from friends and neighbours who contributed to make this event work. It was an awesome and fun day. We are hoping to have a bigger event next year,” said Ms Campbell.

Ralph Bouwers, founder of Guardians of the National Treasure, in Lavender Hill, said: “Wicht Court Association made Lavender Hill a place filled with hope and our youth, especially our young men displayed confidence.

“With great challenges we will continue to pave the way forward for our people.”