Women leaders step up

Lucinda Evans, chairperson, Lavender Hill Community Police Forum

Today Wednesday August 1 marks the beginning of Women’s Month in our country. Sadly though, this year talk about Women’s Month gave way for election coverage and that’s how it will be for the next few days till the election fever passes.

But what difference will this election make in the lives of women in this country, especially women on the Cape Flats?

Women are still being raped, brutally killed and the sentencing for these crimes remains a joke.

There is no urgency to address this issue.

In KwaZulu-Natal, woman candidates were killed – shot multiple times. Bringing the conversation home, I’ve seen the posters of the woman candidates for our community and I wondered about those who had the opportunity in the past but failed the community and even if they are elected back again would they fail us for another five years?

I completely believe in second chances but would they step up their game, have a bit more leadership maturity and integrity and less arrogance to serve. As a woman leader, it has been an atrocity for me to see that the lives of women don’t matter in some parts of our country.

If you as a woman leader do not agree with an ideology, and with the community and especially the women who will vote, should one also not look at the new female candidates and give them a chance. Would they fulfil their promises of serving the community with value and integrity? Some of them have also not done well while they’ve been activists.

I would like to wish all woman candidates all of the best for the elections. If you’re voted back in and you haven’t produced, be sure people will hold you accountable and this round may not be as smooth sailing with past poor service delivery, empty promises and meeting no shows and no accountability.

As a woman leader, you have a responsibility to empower other women. I would like to remind you that this community ultimately will make the choice. Apart from that salary you will have on time every month, you also have a role to fulfil, including honouring your promises. All of the best.