Women’s Alert

Grassy Park Community Police Forum members, are pictured from left, Yaseen Meyer, projects coordinator; David Benjamin, Sector 2, sub-forum chairperson, Nicole Jacobus, secretary; John Goss, deputy chairperson; and Philip Bam, spokesperson;

The Grassy Park Community Police Forum (CPF) hosted a “Women’s Alert” programme focusing on gangsterism and substance abuse for 100 mothers, at Jabulani Feeding Scheme Centre, in Parkwood, on Saturday May 12. Philip Bam, spokesperson for the CPF, addressed mothers whose children were involved in gangsterism and wives who were treated badly by their husbands and offered them advice on how to deal with abuse. A counsellor gave advice on drug abuse and Grassy Park SAPS talked about the legalities and consequences of gangs and drugs. PICTURES: ROSHAN ABRAHAMS