Young archers take aim on the Plain

Darus Salaam archers Bielqies Deers, 11, Ashieeqah Fataar, 16, from Tafelsig, and Masjidul Sabr archer Muslima Benjamin, 13, from Parkwood.

Youngsters from various archery clubs took part in an archery programme, in Mitchell’s Plain on Sunday.

It was held at Masjidul Miftaah by the Imāmat Council of Mitchell’s Plain.

Maulana Nazeem de Beer, who coordinated the event, said it was important to have a firm hold on the bow like you take control of your life; keep an eye on the target like you keep an eye on your goals; and plant your feet firmly like you stay grounded in life.

Archery is revered as a skill practised by the Prophet Muhammad.

Mymoena Ariefdien, a founding member of Darus Salaam Masjied’s archery club, said seeing young women taking aim and releasing an arrow was like setting them free to change their destinies.

Teenage pregnancy was rife in Tafelsig, where the mosque is, but giving young people alternatives could redirect their energy, she said.

Archery coach Nazly Abrahams, from Masjied Amiena’s archery club, said: “It is our aim to give underprivileged youth a safe haven. Away from gangsterism and drugs. It instils discipline, focus and patience.”

Asheeq Williams, 14, from Darus Salaam Masjied’s archery club, said archery helped him to be more focused at school.

Masjidus-Sabr archer Muslima Benjamin, 13, from Parkwood, said: “Archery allows me to be free and independent.”

Gamzah Carelse, 13, from Islamia Mosque archery club, in Cafda, and Asheeq Williams, 14, from Darus Salaam Masjied’s archery club, in Tafelsig, take aim.
Asheeqah Abrahams, 11, from Tafelsig.
Masjidus-Sabr archer Imaan Daniels, 11, from Parkwood
Masjied Amiena archer Mutahier Jabaar, 10, from Tafelsig, takes aim.
Darus Salaam Masjied archer Taahir Strauss, 16, from Lost City.