Young artists shine in Lotus River

Some of the children’s clay creations.

Fresh from an eight-week art course, Lotus River children exhibited some of their work at a local church last week.

The children did the course with Cheryldene Hector, an art teacher from the Butterfly Art Project. Their work was placed on display at the River Tabernacle Church on Tuesday November 23.

The children used wax, pencils, pastels, watercolours, clay and other media for their work.

“The children loved it immensely, and it was evident that they just needed to have fun while learning at the same time. I am thankful to the River Tabernacle Church for providing their facility and to Ingrid van Wyk who assisted me,” said Ms Hector.

The children used various media for their creations.
The children and their parents at the Butterfly Art Project in Lotus River.