Youth programme

Seventeen unemployed youngsters from Steenberg and Lavender Hill attended a five-day youth career and business programme coordinated by Wards 68 and 67, at the Zandvlei Hall, in Steenberg, two weeks ago.

The programme was facilitated by Girls Leading Change and Successful Journals, under the supervision of the Department of Social Development’s Bonita Stroeble.

It focused on assisting the youngsters to build a professional profile to find employment and teaching them about starting a business.

Topics covered included setting goals, career and business empowerment and building confidence.

Local caterer, Marks Catering, prepared the breakfast and lunch throughout the five days.

On the fifth day, the 17 youngsters graduated and received a certificate to acknowledge their participation in the programme.

Amber Hempe holds her certificate with ward 68 counsellor Marita Petersen.
Good food organised by Mark’s Catering during the programme at Zandvlei Hall.
Founder at Girls Leading Change Kelly Baloyi with one of the youngsters from the programme.
Ward 68 counsellor, Marita Petersen, on the far left, and ward 67 counsellor, Gerry Gordon, in the middle with pink scarf, with the youngsters from Steenberg and Lavender Hill, after graduating from the career and business programme in Steenberg.
Youngsters paying attention during the last session of the programme.
Group work in progress during the youth career and business programme in Steenberg two weeks ago.