Youth sports day gives crime the boot

The Grassy Park Youth Desk Crime Prevention Unit honoured and remembered the late Sayed Noah, 15, who was brutally gunned down on April 5. The leaders of the organisations and Grassy Park SAPS led a peaceful walk down Hector Avenue in Ottery, to lay down a cross and flowers in remembrance of youth whose lives were lost.
Some of the youth and community leaders who attended the event.

The Grassy Park Youth Desk Crime Prevention Unit and Grassy Park SAPS partnered with the Destiny by Faith Foundation to host a sports against crime 6-a-side soccer tournament, at the New Faith Ottery Church grounds in Hector Avenue, Ottery, on June 16 (Youth Day).

The foundation served breakfast, snacks and lunch to about 100 people.

Saadiqah Ganief, deputy chairperson of the Grassy Park Youth Desk Crime Prevention Unit, said: “The aim of the project was to uplift our youth and keep them focused on things that complement their interests and talents.

“We want to engage our youth by being on the ground and in the community to experience first-hand the challenges and needs in their community. In light of the gangsterism occurring in our communities and our youth losing their lives in senseless shootings.

“We still have an uprising we are facing daily. The senseless killings of our youth need to come to an end,” said Ms Ganief.