Youths get skills to find employment

Students do a warm-up session after a break.

Enthusiastic youth from Parkwood and surrounding areas grabbed the opportunity to participate in a free skills training workshop, with the possibility of being placed in jobs.

The first 12-day life skills training runs until Tuesday July 25, at St Gerard’s Catholic Church Hall, 1 Harrier Way, Grassy Park.

On Saturday July 15, Southern Mail popped in to find out more about the project, spearheaded by the Durbanville-based Kolping Society of South Africa in partnership with St Vincent De Paul (SVP), Grassy Park, which is providing life skills and hard skills to 38 unemployed youth aged between 18 and 35.

Laurian Kleinhans, training and development officer of the Kolping Training Project, said after the life skills training, the students would be offered a three-month hard skills training programme in, for example, welding, home-based care, hospitality, and more.

“After they complete the course, they will be placed at an institution that will help them find employment.”

One of the facilitators, Jenny Boltman, said: “We are teaching the students how to value themselves, how to handle a challenge or problem, the roles and responsibility in society and what respect means.”

Ms Boltman said the students talk about themselves and the many challenges they are facing such as drugs, gangsterism and domestic violence. “We teach them how to be assertive and we also covered the topic of anger.”

Ms Boltman said they also touch on how to set up a curriculum vitae (CV). “After the hard skills train-
ing course, they will have the knowledge on how to apply for a

Rose-Ann Presence, from Lotus River, said she heard about the skills training course through the church. She said she is 38 years old and glad they made an exception to accept her. “I have three children, aged 21, eight and two.

“I used to work at Woolworths as a cashier manager in training, but my mom fell ill and I had to stay at home to take care of her.”

She said she was ready to start a new life. “I have to make a lifestyle change. During these few days at the training course I have learnt how to uplift myself and be in a better space.

“If I complete the course I would like to apply for a job in hospitality or home-based care.”

Grant Faumann of Southfield said he found himself unemployed, and then not long after that, divorced. “I have learnt in this course to forgive and how to heal. I have two children of 11 and four years old and my main goal is to find a job in human resources to provide for them.”

Jackie Cloete of Parkwood said: “My neighbour told me about this course and I am not sorry I came. “
Ms Cloete said she would like to do home-based care because she loves helping older people. “I also know first aid and have taken care of older people before.”

Riaan van Schalkwyk of Parkwood said he used to do catering but was now interested in welding. “I have learnt how to respect myself and my neighbours.” He said through respecting people he was recommended by a neighbour to do this course.

The students were also treated to three home cooked meals a day, with spiritual upliftment sessions conducted by representatives of St Gerard’s, St Clement’s and Queen Peace churches.

For more information, contact Ms Kleinhans on 021 975 9722 or 021 934 8361.