A woman of worth

Owen Simons, Retreat

It was with great interest that I read the fantastic and very moving article on Where Rainbows Meet Founder Mymoena Scholtz (“I have found my rainbow… my rainbow of hope,” Southern Mail, August 25).

Mymoena is amongst a coterie of amazing women who work tirelessly around the clock to help our struggling communities.

Mymoena’s purpose-driven journey reads like that of a modern-day Florence Nightingale. Her journey of love sees her educating, uplifting, inspiring those whom her organisation helps. Her organisation provides some of the most basic needs of the impoverished, such as clothing. nappies, shoes, feeding schemes, active citizenship and baby formula.

I have never met Mymoena. However, we are on WhatsApp. We would, from time to time, exchange community-centred information, especially with regards to jobs and careers.

In the article, Mymoena speaks of “purpose” and “trust”. These are qualities I hold dear, especially while I am still chasing my many dreams.

Mymoena is a woman of worth. She and the many women who give selflessly.

Hats off to these remarkable women.