Fairness of social housing must prevail

Executive board members and members of the Pelican Park Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association.

Tammy Daniel, executive board member, representing the Pelican Park Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association (PPRRA).

We the PPRRA who represent our residents in (Old) Pelican Park, Peacock Close and Pelican Heights had a public meeting last Wednesday evening, October 13.

It was mandated that we will only entertain a reduction in the development of the proposed housing south of Old Pelican Park to safeguard the environmentally sensitive surrounding ecological area and safeguard the value of our homes in which we have invested high amounts of hard earned money to upgrade over the past nearly 40 years.

We must also ensure that our areas are kept safe from crime as crime and gangsterism is not being kept in check by the City’s Law Enforcement as it was promised prior to the New Horizons development.

This responsibility has been given to the neighbourhood watches, resulting in crime spilling over to old Pelican Park and Peacock Close. We will therefore only support more bank assisted housing at a reduced development of the land. We will not support social housing unless quality and less densified houses are built for the recipients of the BNG housing in order to give them dignity and sense of pride.

Most importantly the mistakes and shortfalls experienced in the previous adjacent development of New Horizon must be avoided at all costs.

We also demand that councillor Geraldine Gordon not ignore our area and fulfil our list of requirements that we have emailed to her on numerous occasions.

She must also come clean and explain why the residents of old Pelican Park and Peacock Close who are most affected by the proposed new housing development were excluded from the Project Steering Committee?

She must also come clean and allow us to view the beneficiary list as we are the most affected by this proposed development. Therefore we demand that no beneficiary list can be approved by any other organisation besides the PPRRA who represents the interest of the residents of old Pelican Park, Peacock Close and Pelican Heights.

The local government is hiding behind semantics. They are playing with words and terminology to spread propaganda in order to protect white interest. They are advocating social or mixed use housing instead of housing to redress the apartheid spatial policies.

Fairness of social housing must prevail.

  • The City of Cape Town responds: “The City notes the requests and inputs from the residents’ association.

It always tries to accommodate all parties with naturally diverse needs and views, as far as possible, within reason and within the legislative and operational environment in which it operates.

Housing allocation is done within a strictly controlled system, governed by legislation and best practice.

The City will respond in full when it is able to do so.