For the record

Chantel Fritz, Steenberg

We the family of the late Bryan Fritz would like to rectify the information that was published in the previous article about our brother, may he rest in peace (“Double murder rocks Steenberg,“ Southern Mail, June 15).

Our brother, Bryan Fritz’s life was tragically taken on the morning of June 8, around 8am.

Bryan went to the corner shop to buy a packet of sugar on that morning but turned back to buy a cigarette and that was when his life was tragically taken.

Our brother like many of our youth today was struggling to find his way in this life but he was the kind of individual that always wanted to give back to the people he loved and his community.

Bryan was in no way involved in gangsterism, if anything he would always speak to the youth around him to do what is right.

When speaking to people in the community they would speak very highly of our brother and tell us what a wonderful person he is. Always respectable and always greeting with a smile. Since his death we as the family have had so many youth in the community come and sympathise with us, sharing their fond memories of Bryan and how he always motivated them to be the best they can be despite his own struggles.

People in the community stop our family to tell us how great Bryan was, telling us he always minded his own business, never bothering anyone, not for money or anything.

Bryan had an intense love for cricket and he played first team as he was very good at it. Bryan worked extensively within the community, in soup kitchens and with Youth Pet Care. The news of his tragic death have left the people whose lives he has touched and many others in shock and it has spread so far because of his good work in the community.

Our brother will be deeply missed and his memory will be cherished forever.