Getting recognised civic groups off the ground

Mandy Marr, ward 45 councillor

I joined council in November 2021 when I was elected as ward councillor of the newly demarcated Ward 45.

Ward 45 includes Hillview, Seawinds, Vrygrond, Capricorn, the Coastal Park Landfill Site, Costa da Gama and Capricorn Beach.

Ward 45 also comprises informal settlements, including Village Heights, Overcome Heights, and Vrygrond and Military Heights, China Town and Xakabantu.

I am meeting with all the community groups and forums in the ward to form recognised civic associations whose main goal will be to improve the lives of all community members by providing proper information from the councillor to the resident, as well as from the City of Cape Town to the residents.

The ward office, at the Seawinds Community Centre, on the corner of St Stephen Avenue and Military Road, is open from 9am to 2pm.

Residents wanting to see the councillor can contact ward assistant Leandre Layman at 062 460 6906 to make an appointment. Walk-ins will be dealt with on a first-come-first-serve basis and also on the availability of councillor.

Job-seeker forms are available Monday to Thursday, from 9am to 11am, and proof-of-address services are available Monday to Friday, from noon to 1pm. The office will also help with processing C3 service requests.

I would like to encourage my constituents to report any service-delivery issues by calling the City at 0860 103 089, sending an SMS to 31220 for electricity faults or 31373 for water faults, emailing or visiting to log a C3 service request.