Help to restore hope in humanity

A non-profit organisation feed the people of Lavender Hill.

Rayleigh Van der Merwe, Love, Faith, Hope, Restoring Humanity, Lavender Hill

Love, Hope, Faith Restoring Humanity is a non-profit organisation who have a passion for giving back to our community and helping where we can. We love what we do as many of these kids don’t know how they will get their next meal, relying on hope and faith.

It breaks our hearts if we have to close the pots without being able to feed everyone. I know we can’t save the world but with one act of kindness we can leave a positive footprint. We feed approximately 1 000 mouths over a two-day period and would love to do more but due to limited resources and lack of donations it feels as if our hands are tied.

We feed in areas of southern suburbs mainly Lavender Hill and Lotus River surrounds. We also feed soup to individuals and families that are currently in quarantine and affected with Covid. We provide food parcels and cooked meals to the elderly and frail.

Our wish list is: a laptop (to assist with administrative duties which can help with better funding), a fridge (to store cold donations), personal protective equipment, vegetables, chicken, meat, fish, maize meal, oats, rice, cooking oil, baked beans, pasta, lentils, split peas, salt, etc.

For more information call 074 703 3358 or 021 701 8291.