Remembering Advocate Hishaam Mohamed

Pictured are the late Advocate Hishaam Mohamed and Manzurul Karim, a task team member of the Parliamentary Constituency Office’s Southern Suburbs team in Lotus River.

Manzurul Karim, Parliamentary Constituency Office’s Southern Suburbs team, Lotus River

During lockdown the Parliamentary Constituency Office’s (PCO) Southern Suburbs team distributed food parcels in Ottery, Lotus River, Vrygrond, Westlake and Masiphumulele.

Since the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak we distributed food parcels, and every single day our team went to the Southern Suburbs ANC PCO where we packed and then went out. We covered the whole southern suburbs.

At every point the late ANC MP Advocate Hishaam Mohamed would address the community’s problems, such as housing, health care, unemployment, crime, legal matters, etc.

During this time we usually reached out to institutions such as community clinics, hospitals, schools, old-age homes, etc.

Various issues were addressed by the late MP. I was with him every single day and I was inspired by him. I must carry on his legacy. Viva, the late Advocate Hishaam Mohamed!

* Advocate Hishaam Mohamed passed away on August 24 last year. He went to Parliament after the 2019 general election as the MP for Grassy Park. Mr Mohamed, who grew up in Lotus River, was also the ANC whip for the justice and correctional services portfolio committee.