Salie Solomon fought for our community

Salie Solomon, the forefather of Overcome Heights informal settlement, died last month.

Shantal Smith, Overcome Heights

My father, Salie Solomon, was a great man and he had big dreams to help the community.

He was a leader, and one day he decided to get all the backyarders together and held meetings to create better living conditions for those people.

They then decided to put shacks on the land now known as Overcome – which he named. He took the lead and people had great respect for him because he stood by them and fought for that land since 2006.

It’ because of him that we are Overcome Heights, and we want to thank him for doing the best he could. He couldn’t go on further being the leader, and he gave it over to Fouzia Cassiem.

Over the years, he could be seen sitting outside in his chair waving and being jolly with those passing by. He will be missed by many. We thank him for fighting for us as a community. Because of him, we are living on our own and in our own places.

Mr Solomon became very ill on Monday August 16 and was admitted to Victoria Hospital where he later died on Tuesday August 24.