Thanking those who make a difference

Clive Jacobs, Lavender Hill

Thanking people has become such a must, especially when they plough back within their communities to make a difference for the sake of our youth.

Reaching out to our children is sometimes difficult and you need to prioritise a complex way to sustain. By saying this I want to thank Dineo Eslin and partner Hilton Majiet for creating this platform for our community and children by establishing the new sports club for Sunday sports within the heart of Lavender Hill, Retreat, where gunshots and gang battles never dampen your unique spirits but to brace all obstacles to make the day possible for our youngsters.

Thanks to you, my message to the youth is to embrace people like Dineo and Hilton. It’s not easy but appreciating the effort and sustaining it is a commitment of good luck and to win the sports battles by covering our sports field there will be no space for gang fights.