Thanks for supporting school farewell party

Floreat Primary School’s Grade 7A class.

Nicole Solomons, Steenberg

Five Grade 7A girls from Floreat Primary School have come together to organise a spectacular farewell party, on Friday December 15, symbolising the end of their time together as they each embark on different journeys at separate schools next year.

Filled with anticipation and a desire to make lasting memories, these girls, along with the support of their parents, have taken charge of planning an extraordinary event, where they can dress up and celebrate their time together.

The initiative to host this farewell party was taken by one of the girls’ parents. Recognising the importance of giving these young individuals a proper send-off, I reached out to the other parents to discuss this special occasion. The idea quickly gained momentum, and before long, all Grade 7 pupils expressed their enthusiasm and desire to participate in this final celebration.

However, obstacles soon arose as the school was unable to provide a venue for the event, as it was not a school-sanctioned function. Determined not to let this setback hinder their intentions, the parents of the Grade 7A pupils banded together to seek alternative solutions.

In a stroke of luck, a parent partnered with the organisation Dews of Quietness, with founder Moriedah Dien, who were supposed to have their function at Steenberg High School’s hall. However, things didn’t go as planned, and Moriedah offered their time slot to the pupils.

The parents of the Grade 7 pupils are grateful to Moriedah. Thank you for letting the kids end the year off with a bang. Also a big thank you to Annelize Petersen, of Annie Apple Trading, who offered to cater for the farewell party.

Floreat Primary School’s Grade 7B class.