Thanks for the tip-off

Aubrey Robinson, chairman of The Greater Retreat Advice Office

The Greater Retreat Advice Office wishes to thank the Steenberg community for a vital tip-off that led to the recovery of a suspected stolen vehicle, which was being chopped up at a City rental unit.

The Greater Retreat Advice Office contacted SAPS immediately. Despite the huge pressure on SAPS at the time, due to a murder and a stabbing, Steenberg station commander Colonel Jan Alexander and his team sprang into action immediately, arresting a man and recovering what was left of the vehicle.

The time for criminals is up. The community is fed up with being constant targets, and we appreciate the trust the greater Retreat community has in this organisation. We encourage the community to approach the authorities first when reporting a crime.

Steenberg police spokesman Sergeant Luqmaan Adams responds: A community tip-off led to the arrest, in Britten Street, Steenberg, of a 36-year-old suspect for possession of a stolen motor vehicle, on Saturday January 8. Colonel Alexander wishes to express his gratitude towards the community for doing their part in taking a stand in the fight against crime and strengthening the partnership between the police and the community.