Tribute to women

Clive Jacobs, Lavender Hill

It’s very important to live the heritage of our mothers and gogos who have laid the foundation for us to live a better life.

During Women’s Month (August) I feel we as the younger generation should always remember our women of the past as they were the ones who made exceptional differences.

Women are just different. For example our mothers wake up first in the morning and go to bed last as they want to make sure we are all in bed and make sure the doors are locked. Amazing mothers, wonderful women.

To mention a few wonderful women: My late mom Jane Jacobs who passed away 20 years ago and the ever kind-hearted late Priscilla Johnson Witbooi who opened her doors for all. We also commemorate the 10 years of her passing.

Also, the late Zainup Caderberg who had the pool club going for our youth during the holidays.

Also to the other gogos and moms who have passed on.

Shaheeda Orien Isaacs and Jane Mulder and Aunty Joyce Makuppo and all other mothers and iron ladies who taught us the core values of discipline and respect towards elders and others.

Happy Women’s Month.