Well wishes for Ms Allison

Owen Simons, Retreat

I wish to take this opportunity to wish Merle Allison or “Ms Allison” as we knew her then, a wonderful retirement, filled with love, enjoyment, health and loads of travel.

My brothers and I attended Hyde Park Primary, in Fairways, up until 1977, the year in which I was in Grade 5, having started my school career there. As the school secretary, everyone knew Ms Allison, whom I remember as a beautiful, smiling person, always helpful.

Whenever I thought of my beloved Hyde Park Primary , I thought warmly of Ms Allison, along with Mr Erasmus, Ms Rhode, Ms Jonathan, Ms Rosslind.

Ms Allison will always be one of my most abiding memories of a school which still means so much to me today.

May your retirement be whatever you wish for, Ms. Allison.