You are liable for your child’s actions

Colonel Jan Alexander, Steenberg police

The Steenberg police have been dealing with complaints about children throwing stones at houses and vehicles in Lakeview, Retreat, Lavender Hill, Cafda and Steenberg.

These children are going truant to roam the streets and cause havoc in the precinct.

SAPS has distributed pamphlets about this problem, but we urge parents to attend to their children’s needs and teach them to respect other people’s property. In some cases, stones have been thrown at passing vehicles on main roads.

Parents should realise that the law holds them criminally liable for their children’s actions and they can be fined or sentenced to up to six months in prison if found guilty of being negligent.

Parents can also be civilly liable for their children’s actions.

Children found committing these offences will be criminally charged and brought before a court. The parents can also be charged and the child can be removed from their care.

Anyone with information about this crime can call SAPS Steenberg at 021 702 9000, Crime Stop at 08600 10111 or SMS Crime Line at 32211.