Zeekoevlei is MOT school of the year

Pictured from left, are MOT programmes and training manager, Andiswa Makha; Louise Wheeler, Melissa Barnes, MOT country director, Viola Manuel; Julleen Goliath, Melissa De Vos, Khahliso Pharoe, Claudia Sacco, Ilana Olivier, Chandrè Moos, Melissa Richards and Charmoney Jacobs

Melissa Richards, teacher, and Claudia Sacco, teacher and MOT champion, Zeekoevlei High School, Lotus River

In 2021, our school embarked on a journey with the MOT Life Skills programme which started in Norway in 1994 and is currently run in six countries. The programme is aimed at preventing social problems in society and creating a safer society for all.

It is aimed at showing courage to live, courage to care and courage to say no.

Five educators were trained as MOT coaches in 2021 and were implemented at the school with the Grade 8s. We engaged in sessions which were aimed at developing robust, courageous learners. Five additional coaches were trained in March 2022, and we will be continuing the programme with the current Grade 8s.

Through the MOT programme our youth are empowered with self-awareness, courage, resilience and life skills to make good life choices, develop their potential and become leaders and positive role models in the community.

We have the full support of our parents and principal William Prinsloo, who is committed to making a change in the community through the MOT programme.

On May 27 the MOT enthusiasts gathering was held at the Newlands Cricket Grounds to celebrate MOT success and the journey ahead. Out of three nominated schools, Zeekoevlei High received the award for the MOT School of the Year in recognition of valuable contribution to MOT and the positive impact and experience created for the youth in South Africa.

The school is excited to embark on this journey with MOT SA in making a change in the lives of the youth and the community.