Community robbed of coach with so much to offer

Lavender Hill FC under-14 coach Duane Saayman celebrating with his young charges after they were crowned league champions.

By Fuad Esack

The community has been robbed of a young man with so much to offer, says Lavender Hill FC chairman Mark Nicholson, following the death of the club’s senior division first team goalkeeper and under-14 coach, Duane Saayman.

The young coach, the eldest of three children, had led his charges to league honours in the South Peninsula LFA this season and a third-placed finish last season.

Saayman, 24, was killed after coming across two men having an argument in Tyne Court, close to his home in Ristone Road, shortly after 10pm on Friday.

His mother, Grizelda Saayman said her son had left the house shortly before and that she rushed over to the scene after being told that there was a fight going on in the court.

On arrival, she said she found the father of three little girls, lying there, stabbed with a screwdriver.

“I’ve known Duane since he was 10 years old,” Nicholson said. He was very humble and compassionate towards community upliftment.

“He started playing for our club as a 13-year old goalkeeper. He was very passionate about the club and always told the youngsters to keep Lavender Hill’s name high in their mouths and in their conduct.

“In September, they were crowned league champions as well as runners up in the knockout finals,” he said.

“I had a talk with his team yesterday and the kids just cried,” he said.