Reflecting on the year that was in sport

Grassy Park United celebrate winning the under-19 Premier Cup.

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year in sports, we take pride in our commitment to delivering extensive coverage to our readers.

We aimed to serve as a home for local sports, ensuring that every voice echoes as loudly as possible.

With that said let’s take a closer look at some of the headlines that graced our sports pages this year:

And what better way to conclude the year than with the sweet science of boxing?

The Western Cape witnessed its most prolific year in the squared circles, highlighted by an action-packed promotion at Ottery’s Vibrant Sports Gym earlier this month.

Jackie Brice orchestrated the closing act of the calendar year, featuring highly-rated female boxer Simamkele Tutsheni facing her first international opponent, Mimu Adidya from Malawi.

This event marked the 12th on the boxing calendar — a significant improvement from the usual four or five tournaments — a testament to the relentless work of promoters putting Cape Town’s talents on the global map.

The same gym in Ottery continued with their fantastic boxing development programme, Vibrant Boxing League, that culminated with the finals where amateur boxers in the city were crowned champs.

Stepping into the realm of combat sports, Ottery became the host for Canadian kickboxers who engaged in a thrilling affair against local talent — a spectacle that left the audience in awe of the exceptional skill on display.

The amateur test between South Africa and Canada showcased bouts spanning across various age groups and boasted an impressive line-up of over 30 fights.

Hosted by the Western Cape Kickboxing Association, the competition had two categories, full contact, K1, and low-kick, held within the ring for the seniors. For the juniors, the focus was on points and light-contact formats.

The test between these two nations played a big role in honing the skills of South African kickboxers, especially in anticipation of potential Olympic opportunities. The event was organised by Dave and Dorothy Venter, demonstrating their dedication to fostering the growth and competitiveness of kickboxing in the city.

Young martial artist Nuha Shah continued her remarkable journey, making stellar progress in her career this year.

She proudly flew the South African flag high, returning home with a bronze medal from the IMMAF Youth Championships in Abu Dhabi this year.

Shifting to the running front, in the Southern Mail’s catchment area, ARD Athletics lead the charge, with many of their members painting the streets in their club colours. Some even embraced the ultimate challenge, participating in the gruelling Comrades Marathon in KwaZulu-Natal.

In the domain of baseball, the Western Cape asserted its dominance, clinching gold in all three age categories—under-12, 15, and 18 — in this year’s national competition.

The success emphasised the commendable work done in the development side of baseball in the city.

Teams like Grassy Park Crusaders, Thistle, and VOB Macaws played pivotal roles in making baseball a mainstay in on the sports scene.

And proving that sports knows no age, the veteran women of Grassy Park Crusaders softball side continued to make strides on the field.

Despite the passing years, they continue to showcase their competitive spirit, sharing their wisdom with the younger generation while demonstrating that they can still swing the bat and dash around the bases with remarkable agility.

Grassy Park United were one of the best youth sides in Cape Town. Triumphant in this year’s under-19 Premier Cup, the club’s spokesperson, Alaric Jacobs, emphasised the importance of celebrating the victory with their community. The call for a small victory parade through the streets of Grassy Park symbolised the deep connection between sports success and community celebration.

We extend our wishes for a stellar festive season, and as we usher in the new year, we eagerly anticipate continuing our journey, bringing you many more positive narratives from our vibrant sporting communities.

SA’s Mika-Eel Jacobs gains the upper hand during his bout against Canada’s Martin Caron during this year’s International kickboxing event between South Africa and Canada.
Nuha Shah came home with a bronze medal from this year’s IMMAF Championships in Abu Dhabi.
Grassy Park Crusaders softball side has a nice mixture of the young and the old in their squad.
Two of the men behind the revival of Western Cape boxing scene, promoter Jack Brice and BSA provincial manager Mzoli Tempi.
Simamkele Tutsheni headlined the last boxing event of the year held in Ottery, against Malawian Mimu Adidya.