Southfield’s Tramway Football Club achieves historic double victory

Tramway’s under-14 girls were unbeaten in 15 games this season. Their fascinating record enabled them to win the league and the knockout cup of the Cape Town Tygerberg Local Football Association. PICTURE: LONWABO MARELE

Southfield’s Tramway Football Club has carved their name into the archives of Cape Town Tygerberg Local Football Association’s (CTTLFA) record books with an exceptional season that saw them make history not once, but twice.

The under-14 girls’ team, led by Coach Harold “Potz” Johnson, embarked on a remarkable journey that peaked in extraordinary success.

Their journey to glory began earlier in the season when Coach Johnson’s squad, comprised mostly of 10- to 13-year-old players, secured their place in the CTTLFA knock-out finals with a commanding 3-0 victory over Bellville City at the PP Smith sports ground in Bellville. Their opponents in the finals would be none other than Stephanians Ottery, who had earned their spot by defeating Wynberg St Johns 4-3 the previous month.

The girls’ season kicked off at the Strandfontein AFC’s Tournament by the Sea in March, where they exhibited their never-say-die spirit. In a thrilling final, they overcame a half-time deficit to defeat the hosts 2-1, clinching victory with a dramatic last-second goal. Coach Johnson praised his team’s courage and emotion during this remarkable turnaround.

In April, the Tramway girls participated in the Salt River Blackpool tournament, where they navigated through the competition undefeated until they faced a formidable Cape Town Roses side from Gugulethu in the finals. Though they fell short in that match, it only fuelled their determination to succeed.

Throughout the season, one could witness the girls’ early-season zeal evolve into an unbreakable determination. Coach Johnson emphasised that the club’s primary objective is to nurture the growth of girls’ soccer, guiding them towards realising their dreams.

As a testament to their success, four players from the under-14 team earned promotions to the women’s squad, competing in the Safa Cape Town’s Regional Development Women’s League (RDWL) based solely on their exceptional talent.

The pinnacle of their season was the CTTLFA under-14 girls’ knock-out division finals, held at Green Point, where they delivered a record-breaking performance. In a stunning display of skill and teamwork, Tramway’s girls triumphed over Stephanians Ottery AFC with an impressive 8-0 scoreline, securing their place in history as the champions of both the league and the knock-out cup.

Southfield’s Tramway Football Club has proven that dreams can become reality, as they celebrate a season filled with determination, growth, and, most importantly, an unwavering passion for the beautiful game. Their remarkable achievements will undoubtedly inspire generations to come, demonstrating that with dedication and teamwork, anything is possible in the world of football.

“It means a lot. This is the first time they played in this knock-out final. It is really exciting. They are actually unbeaten this whole season, they played 15, won 15, and now, knock-out final top. It is a 100% (in the CTTLFA), yes. They must just keep on the hard work. All of this was achieved through hard work and dedication,” said coach Johnson.

Tramway’s defender, Ikona Maliti is one of the players that played a crucial role in defence to help her team secure victories throughout the season. Ikona, from Gugulethu, is flanked by her parents, Nomntu Maliti and Ray Mandulo, in Green Point, on Saturday. PICTURE: LONWABO MARELE
Coach Harold Potz Johnson holding the Cape Town Tygerberg Local Football Association’s under-14 girls knockout championship trophy after his team won 8-0 over Stephanians Ottery AFC, in Green Point, on Saturday. PICTURE: LONWABO MARELE