Grassy Park police station temporarily closed due to Covid case

A Grassy Park police officer was affected by Covid-19 and two members were placed in isolation.

Grassy Park police station was closed for 12 hours last week after a staff member tested positive for Covid-19. It was reopened on Thursday, at 10pm.

Station Commander Colonel Dawood Laing said: “One member was affected and two members were placed in isolation.”

The police station, however, continued to operate normally, but from a mobile unit in front of the station.

Services relating to police clearance, attorney enquiries, and firearm licenses were, however, unavailable during the closure, Colonel Laing said.

He urged those coming to the police station not to bring their children or family members with “for minor reasons”.

He advised the community to keep a social distance as Grassy Park’s numbers were on the increase. “Do not attend big functions, as funerals and braais is where the virus spread the most.

“Protect your children, let us sanitise and when you are shopping don’t go window shopping, only buy your essentials and go home. The virus is here and it’s active. Protect yourself, we care and we need you.”

“All operations are currently running as normal,” said Colonel Laing.