Car club convoy reaches out

A convoy of cars raised funds for a woman in Pelican Park.

A convoy of petrol heads did not think twice to step in and reach out to a pregnant Pelican Park woman and treat her to a baby shower a week before her baby was due.

Nurhaan De Cerff, 28, was booked in hospital on Saturday May 13 and a few car clubs showered her with baby gifts on Sunday May 7.

She spoke to Southern Mail on Monday May 15 but the baby was not yet born.

Ms De Cerff said it all started when her sister Jillian Petersen asked her if she should organise a baby shower, but Ms De Cerff said she could not afford to cater for the event. “My sister then contacted one of the car clubs.

Tariq Paulse, founder of Cape Town Stance, said: “We were made aware of her need and pregnancy by one of our partnering clubs called TribalStance and we made contact with them to help this lady.”

Mr Paulse said they managed to collect baby wipes, nappies, baby jelly, a baby grower, four pairs of baby socks and a towel set.

Car club members and community clubbed together to give Nuraan De Cerff, sitting, a baby shower.

“We had a convoy of all the vehicles on the day to visit her. A few clubs, organisations and individuals got on board, including Cape Town Stance, TribalStance CPT, PoloNation, StreetLife CPT, Hustle Harder Graphics, Arlene Petersen (comedian), Toy Lovers Society and AW Photography.”

Ms De Cerff said when the convoy pulled up in front of her house, she felt, “overwhelmed. All my neighbours came out to watch.”

Ms De Cerff has two girls, aged 6 and 4, and she said she is expecting a boy. “My baby was supposed to be due on May 9.”

She said she was grateful to the clubs and community for their gesture. “I did not get a chance to thank them personally but I want to thank each one of them for the gifts,” said Ms De Cerff.