Read of the Week

Veteran broadcaster Iman Rappetti writes honestly about her life which has had many ups and downs.

Cell mast issues continue

The 25-metre cell masts will take up over 1 000 square metres at the Parkwood Church and over 4 000 square metres at the Grassy Park church.

Praise and worship

Praise and worship and spiritual dance groups from other congregations also took part to support the church.

Ombud enforces in duplum rule

The in duplum rule is intended to protect debtors from exploitation, which is why the ombud, Judge Ron McLaren, ordered Momentum to adjust the balance reducing the amount owed because of accrued interest.

Using therapy to improve your life

Mental health professionals go through a rigorous process of intense training in understanding the human psyche in order to qualify and treat people with mental health problems.

Murder cases under investigation

Steenberg police spokesperson, Sergeant Wesley Twigg, said the two men were attacked at 8.40pm in Depsiton Cresent by unknown suspects who fled the scene.

Ward councillors share plans for ward allocations

William Akim from Ward 66, Gerry Gordon from Ward 67 and Marita Petersen from Ward 68 speak about their budget allocations.

School news

All the grades contributed to the 67 minutes programme arranged by the school’s Mandela Day committee.

Princess Vlei Forum honours women

Mary Jansen said the trees were planted as a reminder of the power of community, the strength of diversity and the importance of roots.

Three to appear for Meghan’s killing

Meghan Cremer's body was found at a sand mine on a Philippi farm close to her Vaderlandsche Rietvlei stables home.