Zephany tells her story

In the book, Joanne transcribes a series of interviews with Miché, her “adoptive” father Michael, her social worker, counsellor, lawyer and teacher.

Read of the Week

Zephany Two mothers. One daughter tells the personal story of Zephany Nurse or Miché Solomon, the name which she was given after being stolen from her drowsy mother’s hospital bedside in 1997.


Pelican Park Primary School hosted its annual concert on Friday August 2 and Saturday August 3.

Provincial darts champion targets full SA colours

Carla Swanepoel says this year has been a memorable one as she earned her provincial colours, followed by her first selection for nationals where she won her first gold medal for the province.

Project helps create awareness around fire safety

A project to equip children with knowledge about fire safety that may save a few lives was re-launched at Ottery Youth Care Centre.

Breast is best for baby

The Lotus River Community Day Centre hosted a breastfeeding information and awareness raising programme on Thursday August 8 to coincide with Women’s Month.

Project cut out for youth development

Councillor Marita Petersen said she spent R100 000 on the youth development project for one year.

Women are key in the community

Soraya de Villiers, of Lotus River, and Whilma Jethro, of Grassy Park, empowered themselves despite setbacks, while raising their children as single parents.

Objecting to cell masts

Heathfield resident Patrick Lategan has questions over cell masts.

Alleged drunk driver tries to evade arrest

A man, who was driving while under the influence of alcohol, has been charged with reckless and negligent driving, drunk driving and resisting arrest.