Parents walk tall at graduation

The Home School Partnership Grade R parents of Muhammadeyah Pre Primary, graduated.

Proud parents at the Muhammadeyah Primary’s Home School Partnership graduation stood tall when they received their certificates on Saturday August 5.

Caregivers, grandparents and guardians had attended a course facilitated by NPO Wordworks’ mentor Lavinia Davis.

A few parents shared their experiences while doing the programme.

Shameemah Holliday, said: “I noticed that I could relate to the other parents as we all had a common concern. Wordworks supplied us with educational material which was taught to us by the teachers and facilitator of Muhammadeyah. The classes taught me to have patience with my child as she’s not on my level. Also that positive calm communication is one of the key factors when interacting with our little ones.”

Facilitators of the programme are, from left, Lavinia Davis, Salwaa Benjamin, Zainab Ismail, Aniqa Said and Najwa Taylor.

Zainub Khan, said: “I think the greatest struggle for me was adapting to this change. Given the time constraints between work and home duties, I really had to dig deep to find the patience and flexibility to force myself to get into the habit of involving my child in certain activities, such as baking, tidying up and preparing the day ahead. It’s so much easier to just do it yourself and do it fast (while they are playing a game or watching TV), however, I can see the change in how he is opening up, being an active and responsible member of our family.

Father Imraan Chenia said he felt proud of himself when he implemented the knowledge he had gained from the course. “I would have normally lost my cool (when his son had a meltdown) because I don’t have time for this moaning. However, I was very proud of myself for how I handled my son when he had a meltdown.”