Tough times need gritty entrepreneurs

Small businesses are facing tough times that impact hugely on their lives.

How Covid-19 will affect your consumer rights

Suppliers should treat each case on its merits and develop incentives to encourage consumers to accept postponements where possible.

Wittebome High 2020 reunion postponed

A new date will be set, and all will be advised accordingly.

Deliver chronic meds

Mary Jansen says chronic medication should be delivered to patients' homes.

Commuters urged to practice safe hygiene

Taxi drivers and associations say they are doing all they can to practise good hygiene.

Authoroties acted swiftly

Geoff Jacobs give thumbs up to authorities for their leadership during the Covid-19 crisis.

City reduces staff at facilities

Residents are advised to, where possible, conduct their business online, rather than visiting the City’s Customer offices.

Covid-19: City closes beaches

Swimming, surfing, kite-surfing, kayaking, recreational fishing, and any other beach or water-based activity will be prohibited.

Covid-19: You can donate soap

The Disaster Risk Management Centre has called on individuals, organisations and businesses to support a soap donation drive.

Access Covid-19 info data free

Residents are encouraged to minimize social contact and to regularly wash their hands.