Ottery couple makes music across the globe

Kurt and Aleshia Adams.

A couple from Ottery is living its music dream and has been travelling the world showcasing its talent.

Aleshia and Kurt Adams started their band Adam & Lee in 2015 and have been to China, the Maldives, Jordan, Spain, Senegal and other places to sing and make music.
They’ve worked on cruise ships and many hotels around the world.
They perform cover songs and tap into various genres including blues, jazz, pop, gospel and R&B, but they recently wrote and produced their own song called Ons is Een that was well received by the music world.   
The love song is about two people who can’t live without each other and is based on their own love story. They say their love for each other spills into their music because they love what they do.
The duo miss being on stage performing.
Aleshia said the lockdown has hit them hard because contracts were cancelled and cut short.
“Lockdown has been hard on us and other artists and we miss being on stage but we have been active on Facebook. We’ve been doing live shows via Facebook. We are also busy with another single which is coming out soon,” she said.
Aleshia said coming from Ottery has given them more reason to strive for success.
“We are trying to bring a positive message and show that amongst gangsterism and other negative things that there is positiveness and we want to encourage others from the area to stay positive,” she said.
They have many plans for the future including making more original music, continuing travelling and live performances after the lockdown.
They also want to give back to their community and plan to use music “as a medium of therapy and to help children.”
The duo thanked those who have been supporting them throughout the years.
The Afrikaans single Ons is Een is available on all digital platforms. 
To check out the song and the band, visit the Adam & Lee Facebook page.