Cafda choir finds its voice again

Music teacher Thurston Hendricks, far left, and instruments teacher Mujahid Isaacs, far right, with members of the Cafda School of Skills Choir.

The choir started by the Cafda School of Skills in Retreat started singing again last month after being silenced by Covid-19.

The choir teaches character as much as singing, according to music teacher Thurston Hendricks.

“I tell my learners it’s not just about singing but about learning how to be,” he says.

Thirty pupils joined the choir three months before Covid-19 hit.

“We could obviously not carry on what we were doing. Nevertheless, we came back last month, and our learners were so excited to sing again. I’m so proud of the choir.”

The choir members have been working very hard on four new songs, he says.

“We are looking for our choir to perform at events when I feel the time is ready.”