Campaign launched to clean up Parkwood

Lance Newman, Chantal Newman, Cameron Newman, Ameerah April, Chadlyn Newman, Adrian Peterson and Clinton Newman. Sitting, are Ashlin Newman and Cleevlyn Newman and little Ciara Newman, in front, on the left.

A group of young, motivated and energetic Parkwood residents, led by Lance Newman, 22, is engaging in a campaign through which they plan to clean seven parks in Parkwood.

They kicked things off at a park in Blackbird Avenue, on Saturday January 16.

The intention is to provide a safe playing environment for children while also helping to generate community pride.

Mr Newman said every Saturday they would be putting on their gloves to tackle a park until there were safe spaces for children to play across the area.

Wynberg mosque equipped them with brooms, bags, gloves and masks.

Mr Newman urged other young people to get involved.

Not only will the group meet to clean up but they will be “encouraging students to stay in school to teach people that everything starts by how we treat our own environment and that will instil pride in where you come from and have a dignified life,” he said.

Mr Newman, a Safety in Society Student at False Bay College, in Westlake, said his dream was to study politics at university after college. “I want to be the face that represents coloured people who have been excluded and not care about,” he told Southern Mail.