Canal woes continue

Only the left side of the canal was cleaned after residents complained.

While the City said it had been cleaning up along the canal near Sandpiper Avenue, in Grassy Park, last week, one resident told Southern Mail on Monday that only one side of the smelly waterway was attended to.

Residents of Sandpiper Avenue voiced their concerns last week about the bad smell and vermin they have had to endure due to the dirty canal (“Dirty canal causes a stink”, Southern Mail, January 24).

Zahid Badroodien, Mayoral committee member for water and sanitation, said their teams had been busy along the Little Lotus canal in Grassy Park removing the organic material/dumping.

“They will be servicing the canal through Sandpiper Road as well as Sixth Avenue on Wednesday January 24. The team commenced at Fisherman’s Walk yesterday (Tuesday) January 23, and are making their way upstream towards Fifth Avenue. The organic material will be removed by Friday January 26.”

However, when Southern Mail spoke to resident Delmaine Jacobs, on Monday, January 28, he said the City had only cleaned part of the canal.

“They’ve stopped cleaning at the bridge (over the canal) in Sandpiper Avenue,” said Mr Jacobs.