Dump turned into garden

Zeinodien Sabodien beautifying a section of Old Strandfontein Road with greenery.

An old dumping site at Fourth Avenue on Old Strandfontein Road has been turned in to an indigenous garden.

Lotus River resident Zeinodien Sabodien, who has been living on Old Strandfontein Road for the past 10 years, has taken up the task of cleaning up the area.

MrSabodien,aformer farmer, said he took over the task from his father-in-law.

“When he passed away I realised that he was doing something good for the community, so I thought I’ll do it without getting paid too, and the folks here say I am blessed”.

Despite a “No dumping” sign being placed on the road in 2013, the rubbish continued to pile up.

Lyle Lawrence, a community worker, says that two years ago the dumping had caused a rat infestation and residents had a major issue with the rodents running into their houses.

Former ward councillor Lesley Isaacs made arrangements for the rubble to be removed from the area.

“Seven and a half truck loads of rubble was removed after the rubble had been laying here for 20-odd years”, said Mr Sabodien.

Mr Isaacs said dumping was a continuous problem.

A senior member of the Lotus River community, David Abrahams, expressed his apprecia-
tion to Mr Sabodien for his effort.

“I take my hat off to this gentleman, instead of moaning he took on this job and not receiving a cent, getting up at five o’clock in the morning and this is what he did”.

Mr Sabodien is asking people to donate more indigenous plants to help upgrade the

For more information con-
tact Lyle Lawrence on 083 419 9685.