Faulmans wed for 60 years


Mavis and Koos Faulman celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary at a lunch in their Schaapkraal home, on Friday April 29.

They also received a 60th anniversary blessing at a service at Pelican Park New Apostolic Church Congregation, on Sunday May 1. This was bestowed upon them by the officiating minister, the Apostle Marc Diedericks.

Ms Faulman was born in Kommetjie on July 4 1939 to God-fearing Christian parents, and had seven brothers and seven sisters.

Ms Faulman’s mother called her siblings every day at 4pm to read the Bible and teach them the “Our Father”.

She was taught that we should always love one another. Ms Faulman left school at an early age to support the family with income and assist in caring for her siblings.

Mr Faulman was born on June 10 1936 to faithful Christian parents who attended the Noordhoek congregation of the New Apostolic Church. He is the third eldest of nine siblings. He grew up in a musical home, with his mother and father being organists in the congregation. He started working when he was 16, helping his father in his trucking business. Mr Faulman started his own trucking business in 1964 and ran the business until his retirement.

One day while passing Ms Faulman’s home, Mr Faulman plucked up the courage to serenade her while she was talking to a friend at home. She was so taken and impressed by this young man singing “Op die trein na Pretoria “. She was smitten and the relationship developed from there. Mr Faulman admired Ms Faulman who enjoyed riding a red bicycle in the neighbourhood. As he puts it, she “stole his heart “.

Following a brief courtship, the couple was married by the late Bishop De Vries on April 27 1956.

Their marriage vows and the promise made to God on that special day 60 years ago remains the cornerstone of their marital life.

Mr Faulman recalls a special teaching he received from his mother shortly before their marriage. He gave his wages to his mother on a weekly basis. However, the week before his marriage, his mother returned his wages to him and said: “From now on it belongs to you but first give your offering and your bread baskets will remain full”.

Ms Faulman was blessed by her mother as well, and she was told to “Love and respect your seniors, help where you can, never say no and be friendly to everyone, if you do this, your bread baskets will always be full.”.

To this day, through the blessings of their parents, the Lord has showered them with health, peace and love. They had four daughters, Weder, Fiona, Zenobia and Bronwyn, and one son, Hewitt. They also have nine grandchildren.