Guess where I found my outfit…

Finding shoes is never an easy task for me, especially when it’s to fit a certain dress code, and this year’s Guess fashion show stipulated “summer glam”.

Although you can get away with a lot with a dress code that broad, I still try to shop consciously and budget friendly to ensure that I don’t break the bank or purchase an item which will only give me one wear.

With a little money in the bank, I justified getting a new outfit by telling myself that it would be my Christmas look as well. However, I still needed to use my savvy shopping superpower to find a “Guess worthy” outfit on a low budget.

I managed to get a figure-fitting dress and a pair of Aldo shoes at a price of R350 for the entire look and I will tell you how I did it.

I paired a show-stopping mid-calf bodycon floral dress with a set of black and white slingback pointy Aldo heels for the above price, and I added some easy DIY flair to the shoes.

I got the dress at a chainstore whose red and white logo can be seen at every shopping mall.

Turns out, two other fashionistas at the event also found their dresses there and looked fabulous on a budget.

I purchased the shoes on sale at the Aldo factory store in Access Park, which I was initially reluctant to go into, because the prices normally make it hard for me to swallow, and with 50% off, the price still left nothing to be admired.

But I do value investing in a good pair of heels, so I scanned the R295 shoe section and found a beauty for R195 in my size. Gems like these can always be found in unlikely places or stores. You simply have to investigate and venture out of your comfort zone.

The slingback heel added class and elegance to my chainstore dress and it elevated my outfit to the next level. I added some black ribbon to the slingback bit on my heels to criss cross tie it up my ankle and add more interest to my outfit.

Pinned flowers in my bushy hair also added extra interest and brought the summer bit into my glamour look.

As for the trends featured on the Guess runway, I thought that many of the items could be found at chainstore retailers for a fraction of the price and we would be none the wiser.

Outfits featured included tropical off the shoulder playsuits as well as halter neck playsuits, full-length catsuits in flowy fabrics and bodycon dresses in one solid colour.

For the men, the look on the runway seemed to reflect fashion trends seen in the early 2000s with pop up collared golf shirts making a comeback and slogan T-shirts with distressed denim jeans and jackets featured almost constantly.

These items are on trend and are not hard to find at chainstore retailers like old “red and white” who have had these items since September.

So if you’re keen to get the Guess look or any other high-end brand look without breaking the bank, shop around at your local or favourite fashion store.

Try to not compromise quality for the price.

A classy pair of shoes and earrings will elevate any look and make it look pricey even if it’s Mr Cheap.