Keeping the flame alive after 63 years

Kenneth and Amy Walbrugh

An Elfindale couple celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary on Monday
July 3.

Kenneth Walbrugh, 86, told the Southern Mail he met his wife Amy, 84, through a mutual friend who worked with Ms Walbrugh at the time.

The couple know each other for 68 years in total.

When Mr Walbrugh decided on asking for her hand in marriage
he spoke to her parents first
but her father refused and forced Mr Walbrugh to fetch his parents before any further discuss-
ions about an engagement took place.

The Walbrughs knew they were the perfect pair as they became more alike over time.

Mr Walbrugh was into ministry and Ms Walbrugh soon follow-

They tied the knot on July 3, 1954. “Marriage is not easy, any marriage has battles but you have to work through it,” said Ms Walbrugh.

“My advice to young couples or newly-weds is that it is very important to have understanding in a marriage.”

Mr Walbrugh said men and women should meet each other half way in making decisions.

“With understanding comes good agreements and choices,” said Mr Walbrugh.

To Mr and Ms Walbrugh, there is no such thing as throwing in the towel when it comes to the hurdles in marriage.

“Marriage is about weathering the storms, big or small, I still haven’t gotten some bad habits out of Kenneth but I tend to overlook it. We never leave the house without exchanging kisses as we don’t know if we will reach home,” adds Ms Walbrugh.

“This has been a long journey but has all been worth it, we’ve pulled through difficulties together as marriage takes two people, we are not perfect. Problems are always out there but
surely can be solved,” says Mr Walbrugh.

The couple confirms that when going to a shopping mall or a day out they hold hands like they didwhen their love was young and it’s such small affectionate things that is keeping the flame alive.

The Walbrughs now focus on leaving a legacy behind for their five children, 13 grandchildren and eight great-grandchild-