Khoisan recognised

The Khoisan are celebrating new legislation which identifies them as being Khoi and San people instead of being classified as “coloured”.

National Khoisan Council leader, chief John Jansen, said they gave their full support to president Cyril Ramaphosa who signed the Traditional and Khoisan Leadership Bill into legislation on November 28.

Tribes which attended a gathering in Montagu on Saturday December 14 included the Attaqua, Cochoqua, Hessequa Goringhaicona, Chainoqua, Outeniqua, Humcumqua, Goringhaiqua, Gouriqua, and Gorachoqua.

This new llegislation, passed by President Ramaphosa, has been coming on since 1999 when the National Khoisan Council was formed by the late President Nelson Mandela to act as a negotiating forum to address the constitutional accommodation of the Khoi San in South Africa.