Launching ABCD youth skills programme

A group of eager students who attended the youth empowerment workshop with the role-players of the ABCD programme.

A few organisations put their heads together to channel positive energy into the lives of young people by offering them skills at a workshop in Ottery, on Saturday June 1.

The Wynberg East Civic Association (WECA), alongside ward councillor Monty Oliver and the Social Development and Early Childhood Department (SDECD), identified the need to formulate a sustainable strategy around youth development in the Wynberg area.

The aim was to engage with youth on some of the fundamentals that could benefit each young individual.

With this, The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment’s ABCD workshop was identified as a means to start engaging the youth.

The ABCD workshop addresses students’ attitudes, beliefs, choices and dreams.

On successful completion, participants will get the chance to join the programme at no cost. Pupils from Wynberg, Wittebome and Plumstead high schools attended the workshop and would have access to mentorship and leadership skills development programmes.

WECA chairperson, Judy Ferdenando, said the new executive members wanted to reach out to “improve our areas.”

Another role-player in the programme, Verline Leo of the non-profit organisation School Revival, in Lansdowne, said she had met Ms Ferdenando at Plumstead High where they were doing an anti-bullying campaign. They decided to join forces.

“The ABCD Leadership Workshop was put together, not only to give participants the opportunity to explore different aspects of The President’s Award programme (skills, physical recreation, adventurous journey and service), but to discover, contemplate and discuss their personal attitudes, beliefs, choices and dreams (ABCD) all of which are motivators for personal development,” said Ms Leo.

Keenan Daniels, manager of The President’s Award programme, said the Department of Social Development had helped them to identify teens who would benefit from the programme.