Lavender Hill residents question mayor

One of the residents addresses the mayor.

Lavender Hill residents tackled mayor Patricia De Lille about service delivery, when she visited the neighbourhood last Wednesday on the local government elections campaign trail.

Disgruntled residents spoke about several issues, including fencing at crime hot spots where gang shootings are common, when Ms De Lille visited St Marks Church on Wednesday June 15. She was accompanied by Ward 68 councillor Marita Petersen.

“We live in fear, and we have raised the issue with the City of Cape Town. Some flats in the area have received fencing and those courts are safer for it, but many other courts have been promised fencing but nothing has come of it,” said resident Bahiya Smith.

Ms De Lille and Ms Petersen prom- ised that the issue would soon be resolved.

Ms Petersen said the project to fence the courts had stalled because of problems with the contractor.

“The initiative that was started by Ward 68 has borne fruit because residents do feel safer when the fences are up. Other courts were supposed to receive fencing but unfortunately the contractor defaulted,” she said.

Residents said they would hold the City accountable for their promises.