LifeMatters at Lourier

Sharleen Haupt, Jody Hardick and his mother Maureen Hardick.

The LifeMatters Foundation (LMF) hosted the launch of three brand new mobile classrooms at Lourier Primary School, in Retreat, on Friday February 21.

The classrooms will be used for its Shine Literacy programme, fun with numbers numeracy programme and its counselling programme funded by Truworths.

Sharlene Haupt, academic portfolio manager of LMF, said an assessment with Grade 1s last year showed that many of the pupils could not even count.

This year’s programme focuses on Grade 2s and Grade 3s.

She said extra classes were taught during school hours which enhanced pupils’ education.

The children are taught how to read and do maths by following the LMF programmes.

However, Ms Haupt said, they always needed more volunteers.

The new mobile classrooms are situated right behind the school and principal Candice Joshua was pleased that her children had a clean and safe space to learn.

She thanked the LMF members for their dedication to the course. “I admire and I thank them for never losing sight of the human needs.

“The school has a high need for counsellors.”

She said moving the counselling sessions from the library to the new mobile classrooms was appreciated.

The LifeMatters Foundation (LMF) was founded in 2002 after a need for counsellors in underprivileged schools was identified.

They discovered that children were disempowered to remain in the school system due to their inability to cope with the increasing academic demands and the negative influences of the impoverished communities in which they live and go to school.

Their programmes provide holistic support through academic and psycho- social interventions and the goal is to involve the local community in every aspect of their work. They have employed people from the community and also train local residents as literacy and numeracy volunteers.

If you want to volunteer call 021 712 0383 or visit