Link Road hazard

On June 3 a major accident occurred in Link Road.

Keith Alfred Adolph Blake, Ottery

I refer to the correspondence dated August 14,16, 25 2015 and October 5 2015 regarding my concerns to have traffic measures placed on the corner of Link and Ottery Roads, Ottery.

Numerous proposals were mentioned, inter alia, a left turn only and for road works to be completed in De Wet Road, Ottery.

As I mentioned in my pleas, vehicles coming out of Link Road have a major battle to get into Ottery Road and for vehicles wanting to get into Link Road, facing Ottery Hypermarket, it is just as bad. For pedestrians on that pavement crossing over Link Road, it is a life threatening adventure. That same Ottery Road is also famous for the Fast and the Furious illegal drag drivers in the dead of night. I suggested a three-way stop or robots but was in a nice legal way shot in the tyres.

On June 3, to
my horror, a major accident occurred at that same corner and two children were seriously injured. I am now again pleading for something to be done at that intersection.

* Felicity Purchase, the City’s Mayoral committee member for transport, responds:

The Transport Directorate undertook an investigation of the Link Road/Ottery Road intersection in 2011.

Traffic signals were considered at the time but the intersection did not meet the necessary criteria in terms of the relevant national standard and were thus declined.

Due to further network developments along De Wet Road, it was decided to upgrade the intersection of De Wet Road/Ottery Road, which is in reasonably close proximity to Link Road – mindful that this measure could also create gaps in the traffic stream passing Link Road.

“Various traffic management options were considered at the Ottery Road/Link Road intersection at that time, including the prohibition of right turn movements. However, in review, we anticipated some motorists may disobey prohibition measures, placing other road users at risk.

In view of this, we resolved to allow right turn movements and rather realign the stop control on the Link Road approach to meet Ottery Road at right angles. This change would improve sight distance from Link Road, while the traffic signals at De Wet Road intersection would create gaps in the traffic flow, thereby facilitating side-road access.

A painted median was implemented to guide motorists to this right-angled approach. A solid median was not supported at the time.

Ottery Road is classified as a Secondary Arterial, public transport route and emergency route, where mobility is to be protected while Link Road is a lower-order Class 4 local distributor. The introduction of a stop control on Ottery Road would incur significant delays and queuing on that mobility focused route, which therefore does not make this an appropriate intersection for an all-way stop control.

The City has noted Mr Blake’s concerns, and will review what additional measures may be possible to improve safety at this intersection.
The City will revert back to Mr Blake.